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linux too f*@King easy to install

Ok I have a computer it generally stays on 24/7. it does important work like download files during off-peak download periods. It also is my svn server. samba etc…

It is also used by my family to surf the web since it’s always on and they don’t need to wait for computers to boot.

Ok so the short of the story is my computer got reformatted.

Distributing the blame

  • Me – should of know better than to leave a mandriva install disk in the drive, (virtualbox install is why it was there) and when I finished my linux install I SHOULD of changed the BIOS setting to disable boot from CD.
  • Dad – shouldn’t of turned off the computer he knows is always on.
  • Mum – shouldn’t of continued to click yes through the mandrivia install, by the time i found the computer it was asking for a username and password for the new mandriva install. so it already had FORMATED and INSTALLED mandriva.

Coming soon !! more blog entries on the success or failure of data recovery tools in linux. If you have any pointers please tell me.

Aside welcome planet.linux.org.au readers !

Maitland Riots 1960.

Last weekend I heard a talk by a missionary priest Father John who had to stop his work in Africa due to a heart condition and is how living a very relaxed life with the nuns out in Bolwarra.

During his talk he mentions intolerances towards other religions, and I suppose he thought as he was talking to a group of people from Maitland he’ll give us some Maitland History, and proceeded to tell us about a riot in the 1960 due to a Presbyterian minister giving a series of sermons said to be anti-catholic which upset the Irish Catholics at the time. I spent some time googling these riots and apparently it’s not just my neighbours who had no idea of Maitland past but the Internet as well. With the only reference I could find being from this website.

In 1860 he advertised a lecture on ‘The Heathenism of Popery, Proved and Illustrated’, which upset Irish Catholics and led to the famous Maitland riots, said to have involved over 1000 people. McIntyre was injured and seventeen prosecutions followed. [ http://adbonline.anu.edu.au/biogs/A050190b.htm ]

It was an interesting story hard to believe in this day and age first being that there is 1000 pissed off catholic still in Maitland. Though I’m sure there are still some Anti-Catholic sermons out there still. but all church’s these days seem to at least refrain from publicly criticising each other.

If anyone else finds something else be sure to leave a comment.