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Uni, new degree and blog fame.

Firstly I’ve had a hard time getting to the rhythm of uni life again. For those who care I’ve changed degrees. I decided to after spending a lot of time last year in the engineering building, it holds my interest more than maths I changed degrees this year from my B. Mathematics degree to a B. Engineering (computer) / B. Mathematics Combined. Of course this makes everything feel weird as I go from ELEC1700 first year subject to a 3rd year subject in programmable logic then number theory.

A lot of people had a good laugh at my last blog post actually it has been my most popular to date. I didn’t really mind people laughing since if I did I wouldn’t of blogged. I did get a couple strange comments though, a lot of if its a server config use a server.. someone said to use a Mac ?! and this guy from windows watch, miss labeled Mandriva as a live cd which it isn’t (sorta technically you can argue) and then segwayed into why having no screen or keyboard is good.

I don’t really see my computer as a serious server, yes it’s on 24/7, it is my personal SVN server but why spend a tonne of money I don’t have just so I can easier sync my uni work between my laptops and desktop, and have some revision control on the programs and latex files I write.

Just a note for me while I slowly re-build my computer. Some documentation that comes in handy.

I’ve also applied for a Job with 17000 to be the techincal help with the access grid room. It would be a nice job since it looks to require you to sit in the room during the access grid lectures, and work the equipment and according to my mates in the maths deparment the lectures can be pretty interesting. Haven’t heard back yet, and I’m not sure I will get it since I did direct them to this blog as a refrence and the last couple of posts don’t make me look smart…

Office 2007

Ordered a Brand new computer with Windows XP Pro and Office Small Business 2007 this is for work mind you, I’m still personally running Ubuntu and using Latex for all my word processing needs.

Ok you get your new OEM computer what’s the first thing you do ? ¬†Yes that’s right format the blasted thing because the guys installed a trial version of Norton and other garbage. Plus it’s going into a law office so I need to know exactly what’s on the machine.

Windows install was fine it was a windows install “next, next” then restart.

Then it came to office I found the office package I was sent “Medialess License Kit – No Discs Included” Pain in the arse MS, I then set about searching MS for a download, no luck.

I pulled out the card with the key on it and on the back it says “Backup discs can be ordered using this Key at http://www.microsoft.com/office/backup ” I thought I really want it now not have to wait but it might be useful to have a CD somewhere.

OK if you googled and found this looking to find the install files they are downloadable when you put in your order for a backup disk. Once you give MS your personal details it then ask you about Shipping cost, slow down around here because it’s here you’ll find a link to once again give MS your email address. Then wait for an email. THEN and only then do you get a link to 500+ MB of office 2007 installs.

At this stage why couldn’t MS just have sold me a CD.

Shutdown Icon on desktop (Gnome)

Ok after several thousand Google searches. credit to this post for having what i wanted

I finally found what i needed. the command to bring up the shutdown options in gnome.

I wanted to do what alot of other people have wanted to do is put a big arse shutdown button on the desktop for those computer users which can’t find the little one hidding in the right of your screen.

plenty of misleading post about a short cut to “sudo shutdown -h” but that’s not what I wanted.

gnome-session-save –kill

Is the magical code you need to make it work.

how to make the shortcut that’s easy right click on the desktop “Create Launcher..” click.

Name: shutdown Command: gnome-session-save –kill Comment: anything you like.

And you can click on the icon and try and find a new one.

Then you are done a nice shutdown button for all your blind users.