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Just an Update

Not much has been happening uni is finished for the semiester and i should be studying hard right now so i can pass, Algebra and DE’s. Stat2000 should be in the bag i hope.

Updated wordpress to 2.5.1.wordpress upgrade seems to come with .htaccess issues where i can’t upload images, alteration to the .htaccess file has easiery fixed this issue.

updated my fonts.

nice example above. If you want to play with the small amount of letters i have go ahead here is a ttf file hockey Font TTF

Also i’ve started posting in the field hockey forum.

See at this rate i’ll never pass anything 😛

Playing with fonts

I went looking for fonts online which are hockey themed then i decided hell i’ll just make my own… started looking for hockey fonts in the end i found a program in the ubuntu repos called. Fontforge

So in my spare time i have been editing a courier font (c) IBM and added hockey sticks to the capital letters.

The hunter hockey forum  was after a new logo so i decided i would try and make something up here is the end result.

Header hunter hockey