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Just an Update

Not much has been happening uni is finished for the semiester and i should be studying hard right now so i can pass, Algebra and DE’s. Stat2000 should be in the bag i hope.

Updated wordpress to 2.5.1.wordpress upgrade seems to come with .htaccess issues where i can’t upload images, alteration to the .htaccess file has easiery fixed this issue.

updated my fonts.

nice example above. If you want to play with the small amount of letters i have go ahead here is a ttf file hockey Font TTF

Also i’ve started posting in the field hockey forum.

See at this rate i’ll never pass anything 😛

Playing with fonts

I went looking for fonts online which are hockey themed then i decided hell i’ll just make my own… started looking for hockey fonts in the end i found a program in the ubuntu repos called. Fontforge

So in my spare time i have been editing a courier font (c) IBM and added hockey sticks to the capital letters.

The hunter hockey forum  was after a new logo so i decided i would try and make something up here is the end result.

Header hunter hockey


Ok this blog is rarely anything but technical “this is what my computers have been made to do this week” sorta blog, so today’s post is out of the ordinary.

Today I went to see the movie “Bella” Australian Website

This movie was sorta recommend by some people from church, well they haven’t seen the movie but there was a segment on ewtn which caught their eye.

With tag lines on the site like “A love story that goes beyond romance” I figured I’m probably not really going to like this movie as it look abit to well…. sappy girlish etc..

Actually by the end of the film I didn’t feel like I just saw a film just to make my girlfriend happy. The story is well interesting, it follows the stories of people which, aren’t over the top, a brother who is too concentrated on the business to care about anyone else. The main character who had his life changed and appears to never have recovered from the guilt, and a girl which is struggling to stay above water and is pregnant.

The pregnant part is where the sorta Christian part comes in, the film is defiantly pro-life but not militant anti-abortion. It conveys it message with a sense of realism that the women who consider abortion do feel trapped and that it does look a serious option not just that abortion is murder end of story.

It all ends with you feeling a bit well weird, slight feeling of an unfinished story but I’ll leave it for you to decide.

All in all it’s worth see if you like off the beaten track films, or your looking for something well different. If your Catholic you’ll like the odd little references, other Christians will enjoy it too as long as your not really anti-Catholic. If your not religious at all the film still has quality.

Computer bank visit

Ok today I went to Newcastle local computerbank despite the name this group is unrelated to most computer banks around. it’s mainly a windows shop but that has more to do with the volunteers knowledge is limited more than any theological differences of why windows is better than linux.

I went there to pick up some cheap computers to act as workstation for work.

What I got.

Dell case
40gb hdd
2.4 Ghz P4
256 MB RAM
ATI graphics (glxgears 650 fps off live cd)
Intel Motherboard
1 Gbps on-board NIC
lntel audio


because there was a windows XP OEM sticker on the box they had windows XP installed. along with every anti-virus anti-spywear program… AVG ad-ware… so much crap i decided it needed a wipe.. i did get warned as i took them out if it’s going in a “secure” area i should reloaded as he couldn’t tell me what they have preloaded. As they didn’t have any QA or standard installs.

What i gave:
Since Computer bank is a subsection of Community Helping Hands Association and that charity pays for there power and adsl, also the CHHA does their paper work for them. I handed over a donation to CHHA for more than what the computers where worth on behalf of Sneddon & Partners Solicitors. Also because the guys there are nice they let me pick through the shelf until i found something good and they are slowly letting us educate them about linux.

For contact information see

University of Newcastle wireless and network

Back at uni again to my horror the IT guys changed the wireless. all the time spent on writing a really nice documentation on how to connect all wasted since they now used a completely different connection method ,  this time i decided to rewrite the doc but use a wiki so it can be edited by others.

So if you’ve come to this site going how do i do the dam thing see

Currently it still in development but it’s moving on quickly since it’s now Wednesday, the changes happened Monday and last time it took me 3 months to work it out this time 2-3 hours.

Biggest change to the uni wireless seems to be the access control program i can’t get my POP3 emails or my IMAP emails while at uni which is a big pain. that and the access control program requires java which isn’t always installed on our linux laptops is it !

Anyway i should be concentrating back on classes but you know how it is.


Fixing kyms kernel

Because we haven’t gotten around to reinstalling kubuntu on kyms machine every time it does a kernel upgrade it breaks the nvidia drivers and the FusionHDTV drivers

Fixing it:

sudo -s

cd v4l-dvb-6591-dd4-withremote
make && make install

this should reinstall the fusionhdtv dual digital 4, if for some reason the folder isn’t there download a new copy form chris

type exit to leave super user mode (root)
now to reinstall your nvidia drivers. we cheated and just used envy to do this to launch envy in text mode use
envy -t

your computers is now reset and everything works again

Keeping up with the Jones

Craig decided he needed a blog …

So i had to keep up and actually use my blog i forgot the previous username and password and so deleted the old blog

Trying to organise the next login meeting… everyone has there 1 cent these days.