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Ok this blog is rarely anything but technical “this is what my computers have been made to do this week” sorta blog, so today’s post is out of the ordinary.

Today I went to see the movie “Bella” Australian Website

This movie was sorta recommend by some people from church, well they haven’t seen the movie but there was a segment on ewtn which caught their eye.

With tag lines on the site like “A love story that goes beyond romance” I figured I’m probably not really going to like this movie as it look abit to well…. sappy girlish etc..

Actually by the end of the film I didn’t feel like I just saw a film just to make my girlfriend happy. The story is well interesting, it follows the stories of people which, aren’t over the top, a brother who is too concentrated on the business to care about anyone else. The main character who had his life changed and appears to never have recovered from the guilt, and a girl which is struggling to stay above water and is pregnant.

The pregnant part is where the sorta Christian part comes in, the film is defiantly pro-life but not militant anti-abortion. It conveys it message with a sense of realism that the women who consider abortion do feel trapped and that it does look a serious option not just that abortion is murder end of story.

It all ends with you feeling a bit well weird, slight feeling of an unfinished story but I’ll leave it for you to decide.

All in all it’s worth see if you like off the beaten track films, or your looking for something well different. If your Catholic you’ll like the odd little references, other Christians will enjoy it too as long as your not really anti-Catholic. If your not religious at all the film still has quality.