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New Goalkeeping gear

From the Obo November factory defects sale.
2nd Robo HI REBOUND Hand Protector Left Blue/Black
2nd Robo HI CONTROL Hand Protector Right Blue/Black
Goalie Shirt, Mesh Red XXL
Goalie Shirt, Polyester Red XXL
Goalie Stick Skinny Thing C2 Yellow 36.5″

Pictures below

Just an Update

Not much has been happening uni is finished for the semiester and i should be studying hard right now so i can pass, Algebra and DE’s. Stat2000 should be in the bag i hope.

Updated wordpress to 2.5.1.wordpress upgrade seems to come with .htaccess issues where i can’t upload images, alteration to the .htaccess file has easiery fixed this issue.

updated my fonts.

nice example above. If you want to play with the small amount of letters i have go ahead here is a ttf file hockey Font TTF

Also i’ve started posting in the field hockey forum.

See at this rate i’ll never pass anything 😛

Playing with fonts

I went looking for fonts online which are hockey themed then i decided hell i’ll just make my own… started looking for hockey fonts in the end i found a program in the ubuntu repos called. Fontforge

So in my spare time i have been editing a courier font (c) IBM and added hockey sticks to the capital letters.

The hunter hockey forum  was after a new logo so i decided i would try and make something up here is the end result.

Header hunter hockey

Maitland Hockey Club Website

I really didn’t like their website and I assume most of you will agree with me:

So I decided they needed a new design.. There is no point complaining as well, they are hockey players not techies.. so I made a new design. (deleted) as you can see it’s still abit rough around the edges but I think it’s enough to demo and show them how a website should look act and feel.

So what’s next. Now I have to convince them that it’s worth the effort and that the new site will be easier to maintain that the old one. The main thing is they want to retain control and I think I should have addressed that by using wordpress.

Once I’ve done this I plan on pushing hard on making them using mailman mailing lists to contact players instead of a huge to list of email address’s but one step at a time..

Summer comp hockey

ok i know i rarely post about hockey

but tonight was the semi-final for the summer comp for 6th grade.

unfortunately we lost 4 1, we only managed to field 9 players and the opposition just had the speed and the numbers on us.

so after a hard season of just trying to find enough players we came 4th.

Anyway I need to send in my rego forms for winter comp i’ve convinced kym to play women’s so it should be a great season.