Netbank Slow

If your a commonwealth bank customer and you use ubuntu or other linux OS you may find that the Netbank website is extremely slow to login to.

Solution install nscd name server cache daemon

sudo apt-get install nscd


by the way this was found out by putting a complaint into the commonwealth bank which the complaint was swiftly replied to with generic flush your DNS for windows instructions and further instructions saying that AVG link scanner also is known to slow down Netbank. but once I dismissed these solutions as not solving the problem they then actually asked real questions got me to try and different dns server.  I also got plenty of phone calls check that my problem has been resolved or that at least someone is attempting to fix it so there ads must be right..

In the long run Commonwealth bank need to fix there DNS so that there sub-domain address is faster to look up.

In the short term my problem is fixed if it’s only a speed increase when I log into Netbank for the 2nd time, since the cache seems to clear on each restart.

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  1. Have you tried using BIND9 as a caching DNS server?

    I use this on all my linux machines per default and have the cache specified for 2 days which works perfectly fine and remains upon reboot.

  2. I guess this is related to the 20 second TTL for the DNS record. Usually the browser will cache the result itself for a lot more than that ( minutes ) so that is probably why the majority of their customers are not seeing the problem.

    Using a normal caching server like bind won’t fix the full problem though since it’ll just keep the 20 second TTL.

    You could ask them to increase this a little or perhaps check your browser settings to see if the internal DNS cache isn’t working correctly.

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