New Job

This afternoon after an interview before Easter. I was offered the job of Access Grid Support Officer working for 17000 at the University of Newcastle.

It looks like it’s going to be a great part time job while I’m at Uni.

Basics of the Job is that I’ll be running and tech support for the Universities Teleconference suite. (or Access grid)  The University has 2 of these rooms both located at the top of the maths building. (one equipped with smart boards a the other a touch screen TV)

At the moment the only group using the room is the Maths department for topological groups and other distance education courses. But there are plans to open the rooms up to other departments as well as offering a commercial service to the public sector.

I’ve been told the software running the room is open source, which should be another plus.

2 thoughts on “New Job”

  1. Great stuff – we use Access Grid a fair bit at VPAC – in fact we had a session this afternoon broadcasting a presentation by Martin Sevior, Associate Professor at the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne on their experiences trialling Amazon EC2 for Monte Carlo simulations..

    The basis of AG is Vic and Rat which go way back to work done at UCL in the early/mid ’90s..

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