linux too f*@King easy to install

Ok I have a computer it generally stays on 24/7. it does important work like download files during off-peak download periods. It also is my svn server. samba etc…

It is also used by my family to surf the web since it’s always on and they don’t need to wait for computers to boot.

Ok so the short of the story is my computer got reformatted.

Distributing the blame

  • Me – should of know better than to leave a mandriva install disk in the drive, (virtualbox install is why it was there) and when I finished my linux install I SHOULD of changed the BIOS setting to disable boot from CD.
  • Dad – shouldn’t of turned off the computer he knows is always on.
  • Mum – shouldn’t of continued to click yes through the mandrivia install, by the time i found the computer it was asking for a username and password for the new mandriva install. so it already had FORMATED and INSTALLED mandriva.

Coming soon !! more blog entries on the success or failure of data recovery tools in linux. If you have any pointers please tell me.

Aside welcome readers !

9 thoughts on “linux too f*@King easy to install”

  1. Yo Dude! Your primary mistake was using CD’s. If you are using VirtualBox, then man download the ISO, and use VirtualBox ability to use that ISO for the install. So even if the box is rebooted, the CD will not be there to bust up the box.

    Besides you save .10c on a CD burn.

  2. Place your /home directory on a separate partition. Even an accidental install will normally leave the partition, with your data and settings, intact. It also allows seamless upgrades, without disturbing your data.

  3. Hey 1st Mistake, thinking that a home PC is really a server. Simple, if its a server config it as a server and leave alone. If your parents need to surf the net, buy them a $200 netbook. It will cost you more if you don’t. 2nd Mistake, erm what about backups?

    Try MAC, one word timemachine, or should that be 2?!?

    Seriously thought, my dad turned off my pc halfway through a windows XP upgrade and messed the whole thing up for two days… Why did he do it, well it was time for Sunday Lunch and the computer should be turned off for a rest!

    At least that was a LONG time ago, good luck on finding your data….

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