LCA updates.

Lots of mini-news so time for dot points

  • I Checked my site visit statistics and noticed that I’m now on the planet, I don’t normally put my blog up for planets but it was part of the registration and was easy. so hello my extra blog readers from
  •, I have tickets to for the conf. Tiger airways are now on my list of banned airlines, In 1 year they’ve gone from alright to horrible. Basically they canceled our flights from Melbourne to Hobart. and put us on other ones but then we can’t get the Jetstar flights we have to connect us to the Newcastle to Melbourne Part. So more money had to be spent Tiger gave a less than expected refund.
    • Related on the 18th January we fly into Melbourne from Newcastle at 7:40 am our next flight to Hobart doesn’t leave until 17:55 so we have 8 hours in Melbourne to kill, please leave suggestions in comments if you have some ideas of what to do.
  • Kym and Not so good she is trialling her talk out at work the week before, but the robot isn’t ready yet… it was meant to be ready for her last year but the processor still isn’t inside the bear yet. As for the talk well the OO.o sliders aren’t finished yet either.
  • Still looking for a new OS for my Acer Aspire looked at but it’s still not near production stage yet.

Anyway welcome to the new Planet readers 😀

3 thoughts on “LCA updates.”

  1. Hi

    Yep, LCA2009 Planet reader here! 🙂

    As a Melbun local, I’d suggest catching the Skybus (assuming you are coming into Tullamarine and not Avalon?) into the city. It will drop you at Southern Cross Station bus terminal. You could then look at catching the free tourist shuttle bus ( This takes you to a number of interesting places and you can jump on and off at will. When you’re done, return to Southern Cross, and catch the Skybus back to the airport. There are also Avalon shuttles if you are going there.

  2. I’ve been very happy with vanilla ubuntu on my Aspire, but thanks for the link to Kuki. Might check it out when I’ve got time for laptopt shenanigans after LCA. 🙂

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