Office 2007

Ordered a Brand new computer with Windows XP Pro and Office Small Business 2007 this is for work mind you, I’m still personally running Ubuntu and using Latex for all my word processing needs.

Ok you get your new OEM computer what’s the first thing you do ?  Yes that’s right format the blasted thing because the guys installed a trial version of Norton and other garbage. Plus it’s going into a law office so I need to know exactly what’s on the machine.

Windows install was fine it was a windows install “next, next” then restart.

Then it came to office I found the office package I was sent “Medialess License Kit – No Discs Included” Pain in the arse MS, I then set about searching MS for a download, no luck.

I pulled out the card with the key on it and on the back it says “Backup discs can be ordered using this Key at ” I thought I really want it now not have to wait but it might be useful to have a CD somewhere.

OK if you googled and found this looking to find the install files they are downloadable when you put in your order for a backup disk. Once you give MS your personal details it then ask you about Shipping cost, slow down around here because it’s here you’ll find a link to once again give MS your email address. Then wait for an email. THEN and only then do you get a link to 500+ MB of office 2007 installs.

At this stage why couldn’t MS just have sold me a CD.