University of Newcastle wireless update

The documentation is now at a stage that’s it is in a readable usable fashion for all users.

It’s still heavly favours ubuntu users but there is some comments about the EeePC unfortunately Xandros/Asus didn’t think you would ever want to connect to a 802.1X connection with a Eeepc so they left wpa_supplicant out and didn’t include the handlers in the madwifi driver.

If you came here looking for help go here:

Another useful tool i’ve found is that firefox has a nice extension called Foxy Proxy which allows me to change proxy settings in firefox by just clicking on the tool bar. it also has a quick guide to how to change proxies based on your ip address But you need to write a pac file to do this so it’s another days job.

Problems outstand:

  • Can’t connect to POP3 at uni
  • Can’t connect to irc on wireless can at terminals
  • Haven’t worked out how to get ssh access back to home.

aside note google is taking it’s sweet time to find the wiki on the website so it may be awhile before people find the documenation. šŸ™