Open Office Latex plugin

Most Mathematicians use Latex for their documents on the other hand most ‘normal’ people use some sort of word processor.

The Open Office Latex plugin is the compromise.

Basically the only reason you would use it over Latex is…..

You can share an open office file with your non Latex converted friends, you know those statistics students who are doing other degrees not maths and you are forced to do group work with them.

Other reasons yeah.. OOo has a spell checker … it’s easier to insert pictures.

Anyway installation: go grab the file from save and download.

Install using the install extensions tool in open office. Installs just like a Firefox extension.

yeah next part is configuring it.

Open Office latex plugin

Frankly the instructions on the website where lacking at this part of the process.

I couldn’t find the config section because I didn’t notice the new bar underneath file.

And no suggestions where the binaries for Latex and ghostscript would be except for a mac screenshot. But since this is my ubuntu box it was easier solved with locate:


For both binaries.

Next thing was having a play.

Using the “equation” button, you are presented with a fairly confusing screen, working out things like when you select inline in the equation menu you don’t need to put in the $ $ and selecting emf as the output image format didn’t work so I used png, took some trial and error.

Basically the plug-in has no polish.. only experienced computer and latex users should give it a go.

4 thoughts on “Open Office Latex plugin”

  1. Just a small thing but if latex and ghostscript are in your PATH then you can use which to find where they are.

  2. Why do we work so hard to make it easy for the lazy? Why are we constantly lowering ourselves to the lowest denomination rather than getting them to drag themselves up for their own good and ours?

  3. I can not use the OOolatex when I am making comments in a document. For me this was the whole purpose of installing the program since I would like to use it when grading and commenting my students assignments. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this?

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