University of Newcastle wireless and network

Back at uni again to my horror the IT guys changed the wireless. all the time spent on writing a really nice documentation on how to connect all wasted since they now used a completely different connection method ,  this time i decided to rewrite the doc but use a wiki so it can be edited by others.

So if you’ve come to this site going how do i do the dam thing see

Currently it still in development but it’s moving on quickly since it’s now Wednesday, the changes happened Monday and last time it took me 3 months to work it out this time 2-3 hours.

Biggest change to the uni wireless seems to be the access control program i can’t get my POP3 emails or my IMAP emails while at uni which is a big pain. that and the access control program requires java which isn’t always installed on our linux laptops is it !

Anyway i should be concentrating back on classes but you know how it is.