Computer bank visit

Ok today I went to Newcastle local computerbank despite the name this group is unrelated to most computer banks around. it’s mainly a windows shop but that has more to do with the volunteers knowledge is limited more than any theological differences of why windows is better than linux.

I went there to pick up some cheap computers to act as workstation for work.

What I got.

Dell case
40gb hdd
2.4 Ghz P4
256 MB RAM
ATI graphics (glxgears 650 fps off live cd)
Intel Motherboard
1 Gbps on-board NIC
lntel audio


because there was a windows XP OEM sticker on the box they had windows XP installed. along with every anti-virus anti-spywear program… AVG ad-ware… so much crap i decided it needed a wipe.. i did get warned as i took them out if it’s going in a “secure” area i should reloaded as he couldn’t tell me what they have preloaded. As they didn’t have any QA or standard installs.

What i gave:
Since Computer bank is a subsection of Community Helping Hands Association and that charity pays for there power and adsl, also the CHHA does their paper work for them. I handed over a donation to CHHA for more than what the computers where worth on behalf of Sneddon & Partners Solicitors. Also because the guys there are nice they let me pick through the shelf until i found something good and they are slowly letting us educate them about linux.

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