Kate Project Manager Plugin

installing KPMP on a pretty stock standard kubuntu system

kate should already be installed but unlikely that kate-plugins isn’t installed if you use kate of programing it’s worth it..

so start with

sudo apt-get install kate-plugins

you’ll now find some cool plugins for kate in settings -> configure kate then explain application and select plugins personal favourite so far is the kate make plugin.

now lets look at our kate project managemet plugin
download the source from sourceforge

now we need to grab some devel files and some compile tools
apt-get install kde-devel automake1.9 build-essential

now we can compile the project manager
as root use sudo -s or su or whatever you like to get root rights

tar jxvf projectmanager-0.1.2-24.tar.bz2
cd projectmanager
make install

open up kate again and hey presto it works