Ubuntu 7.10

Unlikely Ubuntu 7.04 from 6.10 there aren’t too many features in the way of new programs, but 7.10 is filled with driver updates.

Some of these important driver updates is a kernel upgrade 2.6.22-14

New printer driver support

the new xorg which everyone has been waiting for.

and to my surprise win modems support.
Restricted Drivers
When i did my upgrade on my Intel based laptops which intel graphics, wireless and sound. I was very shocked when i booted up 7.10 beta to find the Restricted Drivers manager launching. To ask me if I want to install the modem driver. i’ve never used the 56k modem on this laptop ever.

So far there has been a huge amount updates between BETA and RC so if you plan on upgrading to BETA wait until you get your RC version.

Gusty appears to be a strong update with nothing really new and flash but plenty of driver and other little software updates