Planet for Newcastle

ok so I got a bit bored. Yesterday i decided to install a planet for the lug members are there are a couple interesting blogs. why? because i was reading and released that i read most of my favourite blogs on this site.. put not all so i wanted to cut down the number of websites i have to visit.

Installation process

Installing wasn’t that hard grab the python code zipped up from

extract the data, and well start reading the INSTALL doc.

Basics are easy enough

  • upload to your web server (i uploaded everything expect the .bzr folder as it has too many small files in it)
  • edit the config files
  • Setup Cron Job

ok the parts which took some time and googling

file permissions – all the .py files didn’t have a execute file permission so my cron jobs came back with permission denied, it seems that the file permissions change when you upload to the ftp server.

playing with making it pretty … well this hasn’t really happened yet.. i might see if someone else wants to edit the css file…

anyway here it is my first planet