Call Of Duty

I went to the local PC games shop looking for Quake 4 … it seems that noone has it.. i picked up Call of Duty because it was cheap.

Checked the Wine Application DB
and it all seems to work well

stuck and cd in the drive open up a konqueror window right clicked on setup.exe selected run using wine and the install pop up hassle free,

ok COD is a 2 disc installer and you just can’t press the eject button on your cd-rom drive.

wine eject d:
seemed to fix my problem through you may need to change d: to whatever your drive is called in wine.

ok there seems to be a problem with COD (game of the year edition) that means when you put CD 1 back in after CD 2 It says some blah about I/O errors more info about error

I Fixed the problem by using a 3rd party installer Loki 3rd party installer

the symbolic links don’t work the bash script needs some editing

but you can easily enough cd into your cod directory and go
wine CoDSP.exe and your off

Game plays smooth and well on my old hardware.