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Planet for Newcastle

ok so I got a bit bored. Yesterday i decided to install a planet for the lug members are there are a couple interesting blogs. why? because i was reading and released that i read most of my favourite blogs on this site.. put not all so i wanted to cut down the number of websites i have to visit.

Installation process

Installing wasn’t that hard grab the python code zipped up from

extract the data, and well start reading the INSTALL doc.

Basics are easy enough

  • upload to your web server (i uploaded everything expect the .bzr folder as it has too many small files in it)
  • edit the config files
  • Setup Cron Job

ok the parts which took some time and googling

file permissions – all the .py files didn’t have a execute file permission so my cron jobs came back with permission denied, it seems that the file permissions change when you upload to the ftp server.

playing with making it pretty … well this hasn’t really happened yet.. i might see if someone else wants to edit the css file…

anyway here it is my first planet

Call Of Duty

I went to the local PC games shop looking for Quake 4 … it seems that noone has it.. i picked up Call of Duty because it was cheap.

Checked the Wine Application DB
and it all seems to work well

stuck and cd in the drive open up a konqueror window right clicked on setup.exe selected run using wine and the install pop up hassle free,

ok COD is a 2 disc installer and you just can’t press the eject button on your cd-rom drive.

wine eject d:
seemed to fix my problem through you may need to change d: to whatever your drive is called in wine.

ok there seems to be a problem with COD (game of the year edition) that means when you put CD 1 back in after CD 2 It says some blah about I/O errors more info about error

I Fixed the problem by using a 3rd party installer Loki 3rd party installer

the symbolic links don’t work the bash script needs some editing

but you can easily enough cd into your cod directory and go
wine CoDSP.exe and your off

Game plays smooth and well on my old hardware.

Clarkconnect Subversion

For some reason Clark connect comes with subversion 1.1.2 and this older version of subversion doesn’t allow 2gb commits so we need to upgrade ..not as easy as it seems

installing subversion 1.4.4

grab the rpm files for RHEL 4 from this mirror

apt-get install neon

we then need to update apr (this probably has caused something else to break)

rpm -U apr-0.9.12-2.i386.rpm
rpm -U apr-util-0.9.12-1.i386.rpm

finally we install subversion

rpm -i subversion-1.4.4-1.i386.rpm

and any extra tools we need

rpm -i subversion-python-1.4.4-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i subversion-perl-1.4.4-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i subversion-tools-1.4.4-1.i386.rpm

now it’s time to test.

seems that apr 0.9.x doesn’t support 2gb or larger repos so we download apr from here
OK this hit a wall Clark connect doesn’t allow me to update apr

Wine 0.9.46 Released

What’s new in this release:
– A variety of fixes to improve Photoshop CS2 support.
– More complete support for device installation in setupapi.
– New Bidi text implementation that doesn’t depend on libicu.
– The usual assortment of Direct3D improvements.
– Beginning of I/O completion ports support.
– Lots of bug fixes.

I actually decided to upgrade to this version and Steam works better on this one compared to 9.45.

That and i wanted to test the Digg Blog it function

read more | digg story

Keeping up with the Jones

Craig decided he needed a blog …

So i had to keep up and actually use my blog i forgot the previous username and password and so deleted the old blog

Trying to organise the next login meeting… everyone has there 1 cent these days.